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Meder Beauty Science

Meder | Red-Apax Calming and Anti-Redness Mask

Meder | Red-Apax Calming and Anti-Redness Mask

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A soothing, comforting mask for hypersensitive skin with redness, flushes, persistent discomfort, and irritation.

The Red-Apax Mask calms the skin, reduces redness, smoothes and moisturizes the upper skin layer.

The extract of Japanese sake is a natural prebiotic able to enhance regeneration and restore the skin’s healthy microbiome. Panthenol (vitamin B5) activates the skin’s natural regeneration. Centella asiatica calms the skin and helps reduce swelling. Marigold and chamomile extracts have antiseptic and healing effects.  



Nourishing and firming cream for dry and mature skin. Lightweight and unscented comforting skin solution. Best Day Moisturiser Beauty Bible Bronze Award 2022.

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