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Myo-Fix Anti-stress Peptide Sheet Mask

Myo-Fix Anti-stress Peptide Sheet Mask

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Face mask Myo-Fix Anti-Stress brings you an experience of ultimate relaxation and restores your natural serenity. This remarkable mask is the perfect complement to our renowned Myo-Fix Concentrate, designed to relax the skin and reduce expression wrinkles.

Crafted from bamboo fiber, our sheet mask is infused with an active gel enriched with powerful ingredients such as Syn-Ake, a muscle-relaxing peptide, Matrixyl, a collagen-boosting peptide, and Skinasensyl, a calming peptide. This potent formulation, combined with nourishing algae extracts, works harmoniously to smooth facial expressions, firm the skin, and restore a fresh and healthy appearance.

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The synergy between peptides and algae creates a microbiome-friendly environment that rejuvenates the skin's natural protective barrier, delivering maximum results in just 20 minutes. Experience instant comfort and a sense of calmness as your skin feels refreshed and revitalized.

Myo-Fix Face Mask is safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, making it an ideal choice for restoring the skin after UV damage and reducing expression wrinkles.

We recommend incorporating the Myo-Fix mask into your skincare routine once or twice a week, especially during periods of heightened stress. For optimal results, prepare your skin with our probiotic exfoliator, Enzy-Peel, prior to application. Rediscover the tranquility your skin deserves with Myo-Fix Anti-Stress Face Mask.



Nourishing and firming cream for dry and mature skin. Lightweight and unscented comforting skin solution. Best Day Moisturiser Beauty Bible Bronze Award 2022.

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